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Graduate Program Authorization Petition ("Grad Auth")

  • Deadline:The submission portal closes after the last day of classes each quarter. The petition must be submitted prior to degree conferral
  • Open:After the student enrolls in classes--but prior to the last day of classes each quarter, the Grad Auth may be submitted for the current term or for an upcoming future term (activation for a future quarter typically occurs 10 days before Axess opens for enrollment for that quarter)

Commencement Walkthrough Petition for Department Ceremonies

  • Deadline:Spring Late Application to Graduate Deadline
  • More info:Used to request permission to participate in your department's Commencement ceremony without graduating Spring Quarter. For information regarding participation in the university's Commencement ceremony, please see 
  • Where:Downloadable PDF (submit this form to your department)

Tuition Agreement for Students with Multiple Programs (TAGM)

  • Deadlines:After the Grad Auth is processed to add the second degree within the quarter
  • Open:Do not submit  this eForm until both programs are fully matriculated
  • More Info:If graduate students matriculate in two programs in different schools (e.g., School of Education M.A. adding a Graduate School of Business M.B.A.), then the Tuition Agreement for Students with Multiple Programs form is required to determine the tuition amount assessed each quarter and to prevent duplicate tuition charges.

Summer Course Enrollment Form

  • Deadline:Due prior to the Final Study List Deadline or Grading Basis Deadline for your particular alternate-schedule Summer class. May not be used after the applicable deadline
  • More info:For use only by students enrolled in alternate-schedule Summer courses who are unable to update their study lists in Axess after the standard Final Study List Deadline of the effective quarter
  • Where:eForm in Axess eForms portal
  • Processing:3-5 business days

Section Change Petition for Graduate Students

  • Deadline:Submissions for quarters over three years past will not be reviewed
  • More info: This is a petition form that should be used after the Final Study List deadline and include a personal statement and instructor sign off. You can only change sections within the same course; this form may not be used for late unit or grading basis changes or late adds or drops of courses. Typical section changes include:


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