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Important Information Regarding COVID-19

See the Registrar's COVID-19 and Academic Continuity page for information for students, faculty, and staff relevant to classes and academic activities and administration. (updated August 21, 2020)

Coursework Deadline, Academic Year 2020-21

The academic year 2020-21 calendar is based upon 10-week academic quarters that do not include a dedicated end of quarter period. There will also be no final exam week.

All coursework is due by the last day of the last week of instruction in each quarter. No coursework deadlines or assessments should be assigned or scheduled after the last day of a quarter. Traditional 3-hour final exams are not allowable; however final assessments may be scheduled during the last class period.

Per standard practice and allowable by policy, instructors may grant individual and class-wide extensions of time on assignments. When an extended deadline falls after the grading deadline for a quarter and a student has completed satisfactorily a substantial part of the coursework, the student should request an Incomplete and arrange an alternative submission deadline with the instructor.

For students: if an instructor is not following this guidance, first raise the concern with the instructor. If the concern is not resolved, it should be escalated to the department chair or program director. The student should go to the relevant Dean’s Office only if they are unable to resolve the issue within the department or program offering the course.

Rationale: The AY 2020-21 academic calendar includes different lengths of time between quarters to accommodate on-campus students who must pack and move out of their residences before the start of the next quarter. Making coursework due by the last day of the classes in a quarter is equitable for all students.

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