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University Awards Nominations

Annual Gores, Dinkelspiel, and Cuthbertson Awards

Nominations for the Cuthbertson, Gores, and Dinkelspiel Awards are now closed.  

Recipients of these awards are honored for high achievements in teaching, advising, professional activities, and other services to the University. See the Registrar's Awards web page for the complete criteria for the awards and to see the list of previous award winners.  Any member of the Stanford community may submit a nomination or supporting letter.

If you know persons deserving such recognition, especially students eligible for the Dinkelspiel Awards, please submit one or more letters outlining their contributions to: The Senate Subcommittee on University Honors, Office of the Registrar, 408 Panama Mall, Suite 217, MC 6032. Email nominations and supporting letters are encouraged and should be directed to Shunit Harpaz:  Even one letter on behalf of a candidate can make a difference.

If you have questions regarding the nomination process, contact Shunit Harpaz: Award recipients will be announced in May and will be formally acknowledged at the University Commencement. 

Nominations for the President's Awards for Diversity Through Excellence 

Write a letter to the President's Diversity Awards Committee. Nominations must include the name and position of the nominator and clearly describe the exceptional contributions that make the nomiinee (individual or campus unit) deserving of this award. Nomination letters can be sent by email, interdepartmental, or US mail. For more information on nominations, procedures and past winners, please go to the President's Awards for Excellence Through Diversity web site.

Who May Nominate? Any member of the Stanford community may nominate for one or more of these awards. Students are especially encouraged to nominate anyone who has made a special contribution to their education.

Why Nominate? Stanford's quality as an educational institution depends upon the dedication of its faculty, students, and staff. Recognizing those whose extraordinary efforts have made Stanford a better place thanks the award winners and reminds the community of the importance of individual contributions to the institution. Each award carries a cash stipend, a formal citation, and extensive public recognition.

When to Nominate. Nominations for the Gores, Dinkelspiel, Cuthbertson, and the President's Diversity Awards are now closed.   

How to Nominate. For the Gores, Dinkelspiel, and Cuthbertson awards, write a letter to the Subcommittee on University Honors, c/o Office of the University Registrar, 408 Panama Mall, Suite 217, Stanford, CA 94305-6032. Email nominations and letters are accepted and may be sent to Shunit Harpaz: The letter(s) may be brief, but to be effective must clearly explain why the candidate is deserving of the award. All nomination letters must include the name and position of the nominator and clearly describe the exceptional contributions that make the nominee deserving of this award. In general, multiple letters (perhaps three to ten) are most successful, but individual nominations are also most welcome. Nominations will be active for two years, and require at least one new and/or updated letters of support in order to be considered in the second year. All letters must be sent directly to Shunit Harpaz:

Selection Process. Nominations for the Gores, Dinkelspiel, and Cuthbertson awards are presented to the Committee on Undergraduate Standards and Policy.