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Summer Course Enrollment Form (Alternate Schedule)

  • Deadline:Due prior to the Final Study List Deadline or Grading Basis Deadline for your particular alternate-schedule Summer class. May not be used after the applicable deadline
  • More info:For use only by students enrolled in alternate-schedule Summer courses who are unable to update their study lists in Axess after the standard Final Study List Deadline of the effective quarter
  • Where:eForm in Axess eForms portal
  • Processing:3-5 business days

Section Change Petition for Graduate Students

  • Deadline:Submissions for quarters over three years past will not be reviewed
  • More info: This is a petition form that should be used after the Final Study List deadline and include a personal statement and instructor sign off. You can only change sections within the same course; this form may not be used for late unit or grading basis changes or late adds or drops of courses. Typical section changes include:

Multiple Career (Dual and Joint Degree) Enrollment Change Form

  • Deadline:Final Study List Deadline of effective quarter
  • Open:Only available during the open enrollment period for the effective quarter
  • More info:Use when Axess will not permit dropping below 3 units in one career even if the student remains at full-time status across both degrees. Starting in Autumn 2020, SimpleEnroll allows coterminal students to drop to 0 units in one of their careers if they meet the minimum enrollment in their other career
  • Where:eForm in Axess eForms portal


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