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Important Information Regarding COVID-19

See the Registrar's COVID-19 and Academic Continuity page for information for students, faculty, and staff relevant to classes and academic activities and administration. (updated August 21, 2020)

Future Academic Calendars

All dates are subject to change at the discretion of the University.

Future Academic Calendars

A spreadsheet of key dates through 2029-30 is available for download. (Note that this spreadsheet does not reflect changes due to COVID-19.)

2020-21 First Day of Classes and End of Term

The following dates were approved by the Academic Senate on July 2; there will be no final exams in 2020-21, and Summer Quarter will be a full 10-week term. A detailed 2020-21 academic calendar is in preparation and will be released shortly. See the Stanford News story for additional information.

  •     Autumn 2020-21: September 14 and November 20

  •     Winter 2020-21: January 11 and March 19

  •     Spring 2020-21: March 29 and June 4 (Commencement scheduled for June 13)

  •     Summer 2020-21: June 21 and August 27

2021-22 First Day of Classes and End of Term

  • Autumn 2021-22: September 20 and December 11

  • Winter 2021-22: January 3 and March 18

  • Spring 2021-22: March 28 and June 8 (Commencement June 12)

  • Summer 2021-22: June 20 and August 13