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Recording and Submitting Grades

Procedure applies for both individual and combined rosters

Step 1: Log in to Axess

Note that Grading Rosters for the current term are available for grading beginning at the start of End-Quarter Period

After logging in, go to the Teaching tab.

Select "Record/Submit Grades"

Axess Teaching Tab View

A list of classes in the current grading term will appear under the heading, Select Grade Roster. If you do not have classes to grade in the current term, your most recent grading term will be displayed.  To view a roster for a different term, refer to the following steps.

The list of classes shows both individual and combined roster statuses (for any cross listed courses on your grade roster).  A new "Crosslisted View" will be represented by an "combined roster icon" icon next to the Status Column for combined roster view.

To view the combined course roster, click on the Crosslisted View icon, "combined roster icon".

To view the individual course roster, click on the Individual Class View.

Axess Grade Roster Page
What the statuses mean:

  • Ready for Grading: Roster is open for grading and you (or your proxy) have not yet begun grading.
  • Saved, Entry in Progress: You (or your proxy) entered grades but have not submitted them. The roster is open for grading.
  • Submitted with Missing Grades: You have submitted grades and they have been posted to the students' transcripts, but at least one grade in the roster was left blank. The roster is open only for entry of missing grades.
  • Submitted with Incomplete Grades: You have submitted grades and they have been posted to the students' transcripts, but at least one grade is 'I' or 'L.' The roster is closed. To update the incomplete grades, you must use the Update/Change Grade function.
  • Submitted, Posting to Transcript: You have submitted grades and they are in the process of being posted to the students' transcripts. If there are missing grades, the roster will reopen for grading in approximately 30 minutes (overnight if the class is in a past term).
  • Ready for Faculty Approval: Your proxy has completed grading and the grades are ready for your review. The roster is open. You may adjust any grades that have not yet been posted. Submit the roster when you are finished reviewing.
  • Grading Complete: You have completed grading, the grades have been posted to the students' transcripts, and the roster is closed. There are no missing or incomplete grades.

Step 2: Choose a class to grade

Click on the Individual Class View to open a grade roster. You will see a view similar to this:

Axess Individual Class Roster View

Click on the Crosslisted View icon "combined roster icon " to open a grade roster with combined sections.  You will see a view similar to this:

Axess Grade Roster Combined View

Step 3: Enter grades

Enter as many grades as you wish. If you are grading a large class, save you progress frequently by clicking the Save Grades, Entry in Progress button at the bottom of the roster.Choose grades from the drop-down list in the Input Grade column. Only valid grades for the course and student appear on the drop-down list.

If you wish to exit the roster before finishing, click the Save Grades, Entry in Progress button before leaving the roster.

For more information about grades including definitions, see the Definition of Grades pages.

Axess Grade Roster Drop Down

Step 4: Submit grades

When you are ready to submit the grades to the Registrar's Office, click the Submit Grades to Registrar button.

Note:  Submitting grades from the Cross Listed View will submit grades for both combined course sections.  If you do not want to simultaneously submit grades for each course, use the individual course view only.

If you submitted a roster with missing (blank) grades, you may return to the roster to finish grading after posting is complete. You will be able to enter missing grades but you cannot make corrections to posted grades. For instructions on how to correct a posted grade, see Updating & Changing Grades.

If the class is in the current term, the grades will appear on the students' transcripts in approximately 30 minutes. If the class is in a past term, the grades will post overnight. Rosters are closed to grading during posting.

If you submitted a roster with incomplete grades ('I' or 'L'), you must use the Update/Change Grades feature to update the incompletes.

Grading Tips

  • To move quickly from one student to the next, use the Tab key on your keyboard.
  • Be cautious if your mouse has a wheel; when a grade entry field is highlighted, moving the wheel will change the selected grade.
  • Save frequently, especially if you are entering grades for a large class.
  • Do not use your browser's Back or Refresh buttons while you are entering grades.
  • Keep Axess secure: When finished, always log off by clicking the Logoff link at the upper right of the screen and close all browser windows.