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Advisor Center eDissertation/eThesis Approval

The online eDissertation/eThesis approval serves as the certificate of final reading of the dissertation/thesis submitted by the student. The certification process occurs in Axess, where the Final Reader will be able to review the final copy of the dissertation/thesis, and then approve or reject the submission. An email will automatically be sent to the student once the final reader has approved or rejected the dissertation/thesis.

Step 1:  Log on to Axess

log in to Axess

Step 2:  Go to the new Advisor Center tab.  

The grey information tile, "Open Dissertations", will indicate how many dissertations or thesis are pending review.

CHoose adviser center

Step 3:  Scroll down your Advisor Center page to access the new Thesis/Dissertations:  Final Reader Approval panel

Clicking on an advisee's dissertation or thesis title link will open a new window where the final submission can be viewed.

image of final reader approving diss

Step 4:  To view the submission, click on the Dissertation PDF document shown in the new page 

view dissertation screenshot