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Final Recommending List Approval - Chair/Director

How to Set Up Chairs to Review Recommending Lists

Permissions Needed

Any Department Chair (or other faculty member) that will sign off on a final recommending list must be set up with permissions in two ways:

  1. In Authority Manager, the Department Chair or faculty member must have the SR Recommending List Chair role (please refer to the below screen shot). If a chair or faculty does not have this permission in Authority Manager, the School Dean (or other authority granter) should be contacted to request this role. authority manager role needed
  2. In Axess, the Department Chair or faculty member must have the appropriate Recommending List Role based on which population (or populations) of students they will review final recommending lists for. 
    1. Available final recommending list roles in Axess are listed below. Please note that if a Chair/approved faculty member will review and sign off on both undergraduate and graduate/professional student recommending lists, then the chair/approved faculty should be granted access to both of the roles below.
      1. Department Chair - UG: For department chair/approved faculty member who will approve undergraduate degree candidates.
      2. Department Chair - GR/Prof  - For department chair/approved faculty member who will approve graduate and/or professional degree candidates.
    2. Permissions are granted in the STF Notification Setup page (Main Menu > Set Up SACR > Product Related > Student Records > Curriculum Management > STF Notification Setup) via the following steps:
      • First, search for Academic Organization, this is your program or department name:

search for academic org

  • Next, enter in the chair/approved faculty information, select the appropriate Recommending List Role(s) from the drop down menu,  and click the 'Save' button, as shown below:

screen shot of final recommending list role options

To View and Approve Final Recommending Lists

  • After the student services administrator routes the final Recommending List to the Chair, an email will be sent to the Chair that the Recommending List is ready to be reviewed and approve.

  • Once the email is received, go to Teaching or Advising tab in Axess

  • Click on “Final Recommending List” in left column

link in Teaching menu to select Final Recommending Lists

  • Click on link for degree program (there is a separate list for each degree level or academic plan)

choose degree program for Final Recommending List

  • Review list of students and status of "approve" or "deny"

  • Enter any comments for Registrar's office

  • Click "Submit to Registrar" to acknowledge and approve the Final Recommending List

button to submit Final Recommending list to Registrar

Important notes:

  • Recommending List is only available to view after the student services administrator has routed list to Chair.

  • Chair can view Recommending List until it is submitted to Registrar.

  • Chair can submit list to Registrar starting on the late application to graduate deadline. Final Recommending Lists should be approved by the Final Recommending List deadline.

Deadlines for Recommending List

Term Late Application to Graduate Deadline Grades Due Final Recommending List Deadline Faculty Senate Steering Committee Reviews Conferral Lists Degree Conferral
Summer 2017-18 Friday, August 31 Tuesday, August 21 Tuesday, September 11, 5:00 pm Tuesday, September 25 Thursday, September 27
Autumn 2018-19 Friday, December 7 Tuesday, December 18 Thursday, December 20, 5:00 pm Tuesday, January 8 Thursday, January 10
Winter 2018-19 Friday, March 15 Tuesday, March 26 Thursday, March 28, 5:00 pm Tuesday, April 2 Thursday, April 4
Spring 2018-19 Wednesday, June 5 Thursday, June 13, noon

PhD, DMA, Medicine: Monday, June 10, 2:00pm

UG, Master's, Engineer, GSB, Law: Thursday, June 13 2:00pm

Thursday, June 13 Sunday, June 16
Summer 2018-19 Thursday, August 30 Tuesday, August 20 Tuesday, September 10, 5:00 pm Tuesday, September 24 Thursday, September 26