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How to Use the eDisseration/eThesis Center

Student selects “eDissertation/eThesis Center” from Student Center tab, under the “Academic” drop down.

Note:  Students must apply to graduate and enroll before they can access the eDissertation/eThesis Center in Axess, which opens to submissions on the first day of instruction each quarter.  For submission deadlines, including the complete preparation instructions, please see the main Dissertation and Thesis Submission page.

image of student center tab


Next Step - click on the "Submit Dissertation/Thesis" link,

image of edissertation center link in axess


Next Step - In the Review/Edit dissertation information box, review and update each pre-submission requirement.

Note:  If the status is not valid or complete for items 4 or 5, check with your department who maintains student candidacy and milestones.

image of 6 presubmission criteria


Next Step - After updating the status of all 6 pre-submission requirements, the 'Proceed to Dissertation/Thesis Submission' button will become ungrayed.  Clicking the button will redirect you to your submit page.  We reccomend that you bookmark the submit page for future reference, as it will contain the PURL to your completed submission.

image of submit buttton


Student completes 5 steps on the submission page:

Step 1, Verify your citation details

image of step 1 on submit page


Step 2, Enter your abstract

Note:  Please avoid cutting and pasting paragraphs, text or special characters into this field, as it may carry over embedded formatting.    

image of step 2 on submit page


Step 3, Upload your dissertation, keeping in mind the dissertation preparation instructions for File Name

image of step 3 submit page


Step 4, Upload permissions

image of step 4 submit page


Step 5, Apply copyright and license term

iamge of step 5 submit page


After completing Step 5, students may click on the 'Submit to Registrar' button, and finish submitting the D.M.A final project, Engineer thesis, or doctoral dissertation.  Note:  Once approved by the Registrar's Office, submissions are considered final, and students are not allow to re-submit, including re-applying to graduate and re-submitting at a later time, or during a future quarter.   Since the D.M.A final project, dissertation, or thesis must be submitted during the quarter in which the student graduates, please speak with your department's Student Services officer if you are still deciding when to graduate and therefore submit in Axess.  

image of submit button on submit page