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Additional Scheduling Considerations

Units and Grading Basis Changes

Changes in units and grading basis for any scheduled class are not permitted after enrollment opens. This practice is in place to be fair to students who have the reasonable expectation that the units and grading basis in any class that is available for enrollment are stable and reliable.

Crosslisting Info

If the course is crosslisted with any other course, check the setup carefully. PeopleSoft does not automatically provide this information via the Prior Term Copy process. We make every effort to clean up this information, but we rely on your letting us know if anything is not correct.

Standardized Meeting Patterns

All classes must follow the standard class meeting patterns established by Faculty Senate Legislation. For information on standardized class meeting times, please visit: Class Time Standards.

Room Assignments

Pre-assignment requests are accepted only for courses of 100 or more enrollment or for instructor or student disability. Notification is sent in July outlining when and how these requests can be made.

Faculty Names

The online Schedule of Classes in Axess and ExploreCouress displays the last name and first character of the faculty member's name as it is entered in PeopleSoft. Departments are responsible for entering the correct instructor(s) in PeopleSoft for each course. If a faculty member's name is missing from the Instructor/Advisor table and you are not able to assign the instructor to a course, send email to so that we can add them to the table.

Instructor and TA names are especially important because they will be displayed on the student transcript and also make them eligible for Online Course Evaluation.