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Crosslisting Courses: Administrator's Guide

Courses at Stanford may be crosslisted when the owner or host of the course, along with the host’s department chair or curriculum committee and subject to any school-wide policies, authorizes this process and receives agreement to crosslist the course from the recipient department(s) or interdepartmental program(s). Crosslisting is considered particularly appropriate when the crosslisted course counts towards the degree requirements for a student majoring in the receiving department(s) or IDP(s) and when it is considered appropriate that the student official transcript reflect the subject of the receiving department.

The Registrar's Office requires that one department for each crosslisted course be designated as the administrative owner. We are now engaged in creating systems to support this process.

Crosslisting: Administrative Tips and Practices

The following guidelines are designed to asist administrators in managing crosslisting requests from faculty. If you receive requests for new crosslistings, we advise you to follow these practices.

  1. The crosslisting standard places responsibility for determining crosslistings in the hands of faculty. In any case, a crosslisting is thus the result of a faculty-faculty agreement. You should encourage faculty to retain any email communications about crosslistings with other faculty or departments.

  2. Only the administrator in the "owning" department may make changes (including adding or deleting offerings) to the course in PeopleSoft. In this sense, the "owning" department is the administering department. If you are the "owning" department administrator, you must add or delete any crosslistings which faculty obtain.

  3. If the "owning" department administrator receives a request from another department to add a crosslisting, you should make sure that this has been duly approved by the relevant faculty member and that it is in agreement with any department or school procedures. Ask the requesting department if they have written approval, and encourage them to retain copies of this email.

  4. Conversely, if a faculty member asks his/her "owning" department administrator to add a crosslisting, make sure that the faculty member has received permission from the chair or curriculum committee of the relevant department. Again, encourage your faculty members to retain any email communications about crosslistings with other faculty or departments.

  5. The Registrar's Office only intervenes in the event of a complaint by a department that a crosslisting has been added without appropriate agreement. We reserve the right to remove such a crosslisting if the relevant department cannot produce proof that the crosslisting was approved. The RO reports such disputes to C-USP for their tracking purposes.

Overall, keep in mind that crosslisting decisions are now faculty matters. You do not need to keep records concerning approval, but you should encourage faculty to retain any communications they have had with other faculty or departments concerning crosslistings.

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