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Class Meeting Pattern Grid

meeting patterns grid


The calendar has been broken into 50 minute (orange) and 80 minute (green) blocks. 10 minutes has been left between classes for travel time.

To reduce conflicts, all classes must start at a standard time as represented on the grid. Classes may end early (e.g., a 75-minute class) but they cannot start early or late.

Blocks may be combined to create lengthier classes, typically 2- or 3-hour classes, provided that the standard start time is maintained.

Start Times

Most classes start on the half hour, except as necessary for the TTh 80 minute patterns and the MWF afternoon 80 minute patterns.


Generally, 50 minute blocks on MWF and 80 minute blocks on TTh, except for 50 minute blocks on TTh to accommodate five-day foreign language classes and labs.

*The 8:30 block MTWTF is typically available for five-day foreign language classes, and discussions and labs. Departments are advised not to schedule large undergraduate lectures in the 8:30 time block.


50 minute blocks on MWF and 80 minute blocks on MTWThF.

*The 80 minute block on TTh beginning at 12:00 may be extended to a 2-hour block starting at 11:30.

The next page has a table of allowable class patterns.