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Time Schedule Report

The Business Intelligence (BI) Time Schedule Report

  1. Go to Time Schedule Report (1072-Future) in Business Intelligence; the path is: Student Administration > Student Records > Course Scheduling > Time Schedule Report (1072-Future)(PS_SR109)

  2. Process the Time Schedule report for each term for each of your subject codes. You can print the report, or export it to Excel. You should review each report carefully, checking every field for accuracy.

  3. Although it is not necessary to do so, you may want to export the formatted report to Excel (this produces a different version of the Excel spreadsheet that the Export button). To do so, choose Export from the File menu, then choose Section. In the resulting dialogue box, choose the .txt option and save under whatever file name you prefer. Then open Excel, choose Open from the File menu, and navigate to the file you saved earlier. Follow the instructions on the resulting dialogue box but be sure to change the Units column to Text (not General or Number) when that option appears; otherwise, the units will appear incorrectly.

  4. See the CPS Class Scheduling Form page to determine how and where to make each type of change.