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Add Instructor to Instructor/Advisor Table

For an instructor to show up in the CPS so that that s/he can be added to a class, s/he must first be added to the Instructor/Advisor table in PeopleSoft.

For Existing Instructors

To add an academic organization for an instructor who already has at least one academic organization:

  1. To access the Instructor/Advisor table in PeopleSoft, follow this chain:

    • Main Menu --> Curriculum Management --> Instructor/Advisor Information --> Instructor/Advisor Table

  2. Enter the instructor emplID in the ID field, and click "Correct History". Click Search.

    Instructor/Advisor Table splash page in PeopleSoft

  3. In the "Approved Courses" tab, click the '+' (plus) sign in the last row of the current list of Acad Orgs. Fill in the name of the new Acad Org.

    How to add a new Acad Org

  4. For crosslisted courses, the Acad Org for all combined sections must be added.

  5. Click "Save". Instructor will appear in CPS on the following day.

For New Instructors

To add an academic organization for a new instructor not yet set up in the Instructor/Advisor Table:

  1. Find the Instructor. See screen shot above. Enter the instructor emplID in the ID field, and click "Correct History". Click Search.

  2. In the Instructor/Advisor Table tab, use Effective Date 08/01/2018. Choose  the Instructor Type of "Instructor" only. Enter the primary Acad Org.

    Enter Instructor info

  3. See screen shot #3 above. In the "Approved Courses" tab, enter all Acad Orgs of any classes s/he will be teaching.

  4. If the instructor will be a student advisor, then the 'Advisor' box (see screen shot above) must be checked, otherwise the instructor will not appear in the list of available instructors when trying to add/update a student's advisor.