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How to Search for Tagged Courses

In order to use the course lists that you create by tagging courses, you have to search for them. Searching on tags only works at this time for logged in users of the administrative interface.

There are two approaches to searching.

General Searches

When you enter a term in the search box, the search engine includes tags (as well as title, description, and instructor). So if you if you were to tag a course with REGISTRAR::training, and then search on "training", the result will include the tagged course. However, the result will also contain every course with the word trianing in the description or title as well.

Tag-Specific Searches

To access all the courses you have tagged with a specific tag, you have to enter the full ORG::tag syntax in the search box. For example:

  • REGISTRAR::training

If you want to search for courses with one of multiple tags at the same time, enter both (or more) tags in the search box. This will result in all the courses which have either or both of these tags. For example:

  • REGISTRAR::training REGISTRAR::help

If you want to search for courses which have multiple tags, enter both tags in the search box separated by the word AND. This will exclde courses which have only one of the two tags. For example:

  • REGISTRAR::training AND REGISTRAR::help