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Related Courses

A related course is a course in a subject from departments other than your own which fulfills some requirement for a major, minor, or honors program in your unit.

ExploreCourses does not publish lists of related courses; they should be published in degree requirements in the Bulletin.

For assistance in creating or changing the way you display Related Courses Lists, or to discuss best practices or your preferences, contact Stephen Arod Shirreffs <>.

Course Tagging

The course tagging functionality available in ExploreCourses can be used to create course lists for any purpose. These lists can then be exported in a variety of ways to be used to populate web sites, the Bulletin, printed publications, etc.

Related Courses versus Crosslisting

A related course is simply a course that is in a course list that is published somewhere pointing students to it for specific purposes. Students enroll in the course itself; the department listing a cognate course has no roll in that course other than to list it in a course list.

A crosslisting is an additional offering of a course. Students are able to enroll in a crosslisted course under any of the various offerings. The owner of a crosslisted course is exclusively entitled to approve crosslistings, and has the responsibility for all system maintenance of the course, including approving and entering crosslistings.

See Crosslisting Courses: Administrator's Guide for more information.