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Notice: This website will be retiring on June 30 to bring you a more modern and audience-tailored experience. Student content is finding a new home on the Student Services website and faculty and staff content is moving to the Inside Student Services intranet. Once moved, you'll want to update any pages you've bookmarked.

The Course Data Report

The Business Intelligence Course Catalog Data Report is designed to provide you with the ability to download key course information for all your active courses. There are several possible finished products:

  • an Excel spreadsheet that you can use or merge in any fashion you wish
  • a document-style pdf, organized either by Professor or by subject code/catalog number, that you can export or print in order to provide professors with the current status of courses which they teach (see below to understand how a professor's name is associated with a course)
  • stff with Excel and Word merge skills can "Export Section" on any report to create a spreadsheet or merged document

To create a Course Data Report:

  1. Open Business Intelligence ( and go to Browse > Student Administration > Student Records > Course Scheduling.
  2. Select the PS8 Course Catalog Data Rpt.
  3. Once the new window has opened, click on Process Report.
  4. Select a Subject and click OK.
  5. A "Component Type" Window will open. This allows you to decide whether or not to include Independent Study (INS) and Thesis/Dissertation (T/D) courses. Clicking "OK" EXCLUDES INS and T/D. Clicking "Ignore" INCLUDES INS and T/D. (To explain this, the report is set up to "limit" INS and T/D, but you can "ignore" that and eliminate the "limit.")
  6. Click Ok when the Query Processing Complete window opens.
  7. To see your report, click on "Report" in the left hand menu or on the "View Data" button; you can return to the main window by clicking on "Introduction" in the left hand menu.
  8. To export to Excel, click on the "Export to Excel" button. (There have been reports that this button is not working in various ReportMart reports. If you are unable to export to Excel using this button, please file a HelpSU ticket to assist in tracking this problem. You can still export to excel by returning to the View Data screen, then click on the File Menu, then select Export, then click on Section; you will be prompted to select a location. Be sure to select Excel in the "Save as type" dialog box.)
  9. Click on the View Report button to view your data organized by professor name. To save this as a pdf, click on the File Menu, then select Export, then click on Section; you will be prompted to select a location. Be sure to select PDF in the "Save as type" dialog box.

What professor is listed and why? This report goes to the most recent scheduled version of the class and uses the professor names associated with that scheduled class.