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Notice: This website will be retiring on June 30 to bring you a more modern and audience-tailored experience. Student content is finding a new home on the Student Services website and faculty and staff content is moving to the Inside Student Services intranet. Once moved, you'll want to update any pages you've bookmarked.

Degree Progress

Departmental Responsibilities

Monitoring of undergraduates: 

  • Departmental course requirements for the major, secondary major, and/or minor
  • Departmental specific GPA and unit requirements
  • Other departmental specific requirements for undergraduates
  • School of Engineering is responsible for school-level requirements

Monitoring of graduate students: 

  • Departmental course requirements for the degree program, or PhD Minor or sub-plan, if applicable
  • University minimum GPA and residency requirements
  • Department specific GPA and residency requirements
  • For doctoral and other degrees with candidacy:
    • Advancement to candidacy
    • Extension of candidacy and/or the pre-candidacy period when appropriate 
  • Completion of graduate milestones as appropriate:
    • Master's program proposal
    • Master’s thesis or final projects
    • Reading committee approval
    • University oral examinations
    • Other milestones and requirements as detailed by the department (e.g., language requirement, teaching requirement)

Responsibilities of the Office of the Registrar

Verification of undergraduate students' adherance to: 

  • University GPA 
  • Residency requirement
  • General education requirements
  • Language requirement
  • Writing requirement

Verification of graduate students' adherance to: 

  • University GPA 
  • Residency requirement for degree program(s)
  • Completion of doctoral dissertation, or engineer’s thesis, as appropriate, upon submission

For additional information:

Information for undergraduates can be found on the Undergraduate Degree Progress and Academic Standing section of this web site.

Information for graduate students can be found on the Graduate Degree Progress section of this web site, as well as the Graduate Academic Policies and Procedures site (the GAP). 

Registrar's Monthly Meetings

The Registrar's Office holds monthly meetings during the academic year to keep departments informed about developments, changes, deadlines, and other information. See our Email Distribution Lists page to subscribe to the "studadmin" mailing list for notifications of these meetings.