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Reviewing Add or Drop Requests for Major/Minor


Undergraduate students have the ability to request to add or drop a major or minor from their field of study via Axess. Once submitted, the request will route to the specified department(s). Departments review the requests and submit approval or denial decisions. If a request is approved, then the changes are made to the student record. This automated process allows students and departments to track these requests in Axess. While there is a paper form (the “Declaration to Change a Major or Minor”) that can be used for this purpose, the only instance when it should be used is if students have applied to graduate or are requesting changes to a joint major program (CS+X) or minor subplans. 



Step 1: STF Notification Setup (Main Menu> Set Up SACR> Product Related> Student Records> Curriculum Management> STF Notification Setup): Departments can select the ability for a Student Services Officer to receive notifications when a student has requested to add or remove a major/minor. They can also give the SSO permissions to approve or deny student requests to add a major/minor.

Go to STF Notification Setup and enter in the following fields:

Once in your academic org use the arrows located in the top right hand corner to scroll to find your department. Once you’ve selected your academic org make sure you have the following setup. Once all items have been selected hit “Save”.

*Now that you have the authority to add or deny requests and to receive notifications when a student requests a change, please see the following instructions on approving and denying student requests for a major/minor. 

Step 2: Student submits request in Axess: Students can request to add or drop a major/minor in Axess. Direct students to the student tab via Axess and under the main drop down menu select “Declare a Major/Minor”.







Step 3:  Department reviews request (also in Axess). Departments can review multiple requests or individual requests by students within their program. Once the SSO is set up to receive notifications from students within their department who have requested changes, they should receive email notifications when a student makes these requests via Axess. (Please see Step 1 if you have questions about setup)

1: View all requests for your major/minor in the STF Review Request By Plan panel in Axess (path: Main Menu>Records and Enrollment>Career and Program Information>STF Review Request By Plan).  

  • Enter Academic Organization: i.e. ART, ECONOMICS, etc. (you can also search by the first letter of the academic org if you don’t know the official code)
  • Enter Declaration: Major, Minor, Individually Designed Major, Interdisciplinary Honors 
  • Communications: Once a student has requested to add or drop a major/minor the department’s student services officer will receive an email from the Registrar’s Office, example below: 

2: Departments can view requests individually or view a full list by selecting the "View All" option on the top right-hand corner of the page.

  • To view a full list of students  within your department, select “View All” in the STF Review Request By Plan panel in Axess:

  • To view an individual student’s request record, search by student ID# in the STF Pending Request by Student panel in Axess (via Main Menu> Records and Enrollment> Career and Program Information> STF Pending Request By Student). This panel will display all historical and current requests submitted by the student. This panel will only show items if the student has an outstanding request. 

Step 4:  Department submits decision. Departments have the authority to approve or deny any request by a student to add or drop a major/minor. Please consult with your department manager, chair or respective Dean’s Office if you have questions about a particular student or declaration. The University Registrar’s Office should only be consulted if there is a question regarding university policy.

Departments can submit all approvals/ denial decisions in the following panels in Axess (STF Review Request By Plan or STF Pending Requests by Student). Enter Approve or Deny, and then Save. The status of the request will remain in an “under review” status until all departments have submitted a final decision. Note: Departments should be reviewing these requests on a weekly basis, and removing any old requests after 1 year. Departments can remove these requests from their queues by submitting “deny” decisions. You can review the history of each student’s record (including the denial) by going to STF Pending Request by Student panel in Axess.

Step 5: Communication (optional). It is highly recommended that the department reach out to the student directly via email once the request has been approved or denied to avoid any confusion or additional questions.

PDF version of instructions: