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STF Clear for Graduation Report


The STF Clear for Graduation panel in PeopleSoft is a helpful tool to use when reviewing students in real time for graduation. This function will provide your department with real time grades, degree statuses, degree requirement summary for clearing students on the Thursday prior to Commencement. This tool can be utilized in any other quarter for clearance as well.


Main Menu> Records and Enrollment > Graduation > STF Clear for Graduation

Step 1: If it is your first time reviewing this report, create a new value by going to “Add a New Value”. If this is not your first time please select the “Search” option to find your past run control. Please be advised that you may want to create a new run control for every term you use this form. For example, 1182_clear_for_graduation.

In order to add a new run control, select the the “Add a New Value” tab. Enter in the run control for example, 1182_clear_for_graduation, once the run control name has been established select “Add”. Note: when creating the run control name, do not use spaces. Departments can use “_” between words or numbers if need be like in the example below.

Step 2: Once the run control has been created it will bring you to the following panel. Departments can either search “By Plan” or “By Emplid”, we recommend that departments use this feature for “By Plan”. Enter the term in which you would like to view for clearance, for example 1182.

  • Once the term has been selected, then enter the “Acad Plan”. Select the searching icon next to the box, which will provide you with a search option. This is where you will enter in your academic org or type in the first letter of the org and select “Search”. The example below if for Computer Science.

  • Now that all criteria has been entered, you have the option to “Include TGR”, “Exclude Withdrawn”, or “Exclude Withdrawn And Denied”. This is up to the person running the report as to whether or not they will want this information. Once every field is complete select “Run” in the top right hand corner of the screen.

  • Now that “Run” has been selected please confirm that the box is checked for “Clear for Graduation” in the screen below, then select “OK”.

  • Once “OK” is selected it will take you back to the main page. Please select “Process Monitor” on the top of the page next to “Run”. While in the Process Monitor will it show a “Run Status” as “Success” once complete, along with the “Distribution Status” as “Posted”. Once both are complete please select “Details”. This will bring you to the report. Please note that your settings for the process monitor may have the setting to show within the last 3 days or 100 days. We set our process monitors to show everything ran within the last 100 days so that specialist can go back to review old reports if need be. Please see screen shot below.


  • Once under Process Detail select “View Log/Trace”

  • Once in View Log/Trace select “ PDF” option.


  • Once PDF is selected it will give you a PDF version of your report. The following is an example for a CS student who intends to confer in 1182. This report will show all grades in real time, all courses taken, total units, and both careers if a coterm student. You may have several students on this report if you selected the “search by plan” option in the beginning. If you selected to “search by emplid” then only one student will be listed unless multiple emplids were entered.

PDF version of instructions: