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Event Scheduling and 25Live

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Background Information

Events scheduled through the Registrar's Scheduling Office require approval by the Registrar's Scheduling team. These events are scheduled through the University Registrar's Office according to the policies outlined on this page and University event policies found on the website for the Office of Special Events & Protocol. Events must be consistent with the educational mission of Stanford University, intended primarily for Stanford faculty, students, staff, and alumni, and organized by a Stanford department or organization. Outside corporations and organizations must be sponsored by a Stanford school or department.

Registrar's Office Scheduled Spaces

Registrar’s Office (RO) schedules  classrooms quarter by quarter, as providing space for University classes is our priority. 

RO Turnaround time:

If you have submitted an event request in 25Live to use a Registrar’s Office scheduled space, and need to check on the status of your event, please log onto 25Live and look up your event. If the requested locations have not been assigned (grey rather than blue box next to the location), then your event is still being processed. Please review the following policy on turnaround times.

Type of event Turnaround time Timing

Class related events (M-F)

  • Alternate meeting times for classes
  • Midterm exams
  • OAE exam accommodations
  • Office hours/review session)
  • Departmental colloquia
It depends

Requests that are submitted before the start of the quarter will be processed after room assignments for classes have been completed but before the start of the quarter.


Non-class related events (M-F)
  • PhD dissertation defense
  • Student organization events
  • Conferences
  • Lectures/seminars
  • Meetings
It depends
  • We begin processing after the second week of the quarter. 
  • Once we have caught up on all pending events, typically you may expect a response within 3 business days.
Events in outdoor spaces

3-5 business days

As soon as the event request is submitted

Events taking place on weekends (BIG 5 dates excluded)

3-5 business days As soon as the event request is submitted
Events taking place during final exam week It depends Will not be processed until after the 3rd week of the quarter


Note: Food and drinks other than water are strictly prohibited in Registrar scheduled classrooms.


Student Events

Event requests for student organizations must be approved by the Office of Student Engagement (OSE). First, register your student event request in CardinalEngage so OSE can review and approve your request. Once OSE approves your request, submit a 25Live event request so the Registrar's Office can process your request for a university classroom or outdoor space.

Sponsorship for Non-Stanford-Affiliated Groups and Individuals

To use a facility on the Stanford Campus, any outside group or individual must have an official on-campus sponsor. A sponsor cannot be an individual; it must be either a University department or a student organization registered and approved by the Office of Student Engagement.

If a University department is sponsoring you or your group, only the head of the department may give the authorization to act as your sponsor. The department head will assign a contact person who has authority to sign forms under the department's account number. The contact person is the one who must contact RSO (Registrar Scheduling Office) to place the request.

If a student organization is sponsoring you, the president of the group must submit your request via Office of Student Engagement web site.

An off-campus person cannot place a request with the Registrar's Scheduling Office (RSO). You must give details of your event to your sponsor.

Because Stanford University is a nonprofit educational institution with its assets and resources dedicated to its mission of research and education, federal and state laws as well as University practice generally prohibit it from raising money for or sharing in funds raised for outside organizations not directly affiliated with it. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to, religious groups, political groups, and unaffiliated nonprofit organizations. Any such group should seek other locations for fundraising activities.

Additional Campus Venues

In addition to the spaces that are scheduled by the Registrar’s Office, there are specific school or departmental venues that require the direct approval of the space-granting entity.

To Request an Event:

Staff: Please log in to 25Live and fill out the event creation form. Firefox is the recommended web browser. For a 25Live Tutorial is available for staff who are unfamiliar with the scheduling system.

Students: Contact OSE.

Faculty: Contact your department administrator to request the space.

Non-Stanford Affiliated Groups and Individuals: You will need a Stanford sponsor to sponsor your event. Please see the information above regarding 'Sponsorship for Non-Stanford affiliated groups and individuals'.

For questions regarding policy, see the Office of Special Events & Protocol web site.