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What is NameCoach?

NameCoach is a web service that allows members of the Stanford community to voice record the pronunciation of their names, and clarify the pronouns and honorifics people should use to refer to them. The audio pronunciations, pronouns, and honorifics are made available throughout online campus systems so that users can more easily learn and remember how to pronounce names, and know what pronouns and honorifics to use to refer to someone.

The purpose of NameCoach is to facilitate respect and inclusion within the campus community.

Where can students record their names and enter pronouns and honorifics?

Currently, students can log into Axess, find the "NameCoach" link under the STUDENT tab, and follow the prompts.

Students can also enter this information through the NameCoach web service when invited by a department to do so.

Screenshot of the online interface for NameCoach that allows students to indicate preferred pronouns and honorifics.

Where can I access the audio recordings, pronouns, and honorifics?

Currently, audio prounciations are available in class rosters in Axess. We are now working on including audio pronunciations, pronouns, and honorifics in various additional online touchpoints.

If NameCoach information has not yet been embedded into online touchpoints that you use, you can access a searchable directory on NameCoach using your Stanford credentials.  Currently, this is the only way to access pronoun and honorific information, though that information will be embedded into the online touchpoints mentioned above.

How do I encourage students to use the service?

  • You can ask students to enter their information through the NameCoach link under the STUDENT tab, in Axess.

  • Students can currently record their names in the iQueue check-in system at the Student Service Center.

  • Once a student enters their information, it will be immediately available throughout campus systems in which NameCoach is integrated.