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Fees for Undergraduate Visiting Research Interns

Fees for Undergraduate Visiting Research Interns

  • The Undergraduate Visiting Research Intern status fee is $500. This fee is not pro-rated.

  • The appointed visiting student intern is responsible for payment of the Stanford University bill.

  • The Campus Health Service fee is a mandatory fee.

  • Health Insurance Fee (Cardinal Care): All visiting research interns are required to carry either individual health insurance or Cardinal Care, the University sponsored health insurance plan.

Health Insurance at Stanford University

Stanford University requires that all Undergraduate Visiting Research Interns carry adequate health insurance. This requirement can be met either through Cardinal Care, the University sponsored health insurance plan, or through an alternative insurance plan that has comparable benefits. Cardinal Care includes medical insurance provided by Health Net, and dental insurance provided by Delta Dental.

Enrollment in Cardinal Care is an annual commitment and the plan year runs September 1 through August 31.  Visiting interns wishing to waive health insurance must do so by the Summer term deadline of June 15.

US citizens and permanent residents can waive health insurance via Axess; international students can waive health insurance by submitting the International Student Health Insurance Certification petition (pdf).

If the appointment start date is after June 15 and the intern would like to waive health insurance, the intern should submit a SU Services & Support Request and click on "Other Services & Support" tile to waive health insurance.