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Visiting Student Researchers

Important Guidance on COVID-19 Impact on Current VSRs, Other Nonmatriculated Students, and Summer Programs

Please review this VSR and Nonmatriculated Student COVID-19 Guidance website for important information to consider as you deal with your VSRs and nonmatrics. (updated October 14, 2021)

    Important Guidance on COVID-19 Impact on Current VSRs, Other Nonmatriculated Students, and Summer Programs

    The definition of a Visiting Student Researcher (VSR) can be found in the Research Policy Handbook published by the Dean of Research. 

    VSRs are appointed as nonmatriculated students and invitations are valid for one calendar year.

    By approving the VSR invitation, the faculty sponsor and department chair ensure that resources to support the VSR, including faculty time, are not being diverted from Stanford students who are matriculated into degree programs. These faculty also assume the responsibility for oversight of the VSR's research and conduct throughout their appointment at Stanford.

    Consult the Research Policy Handbook for additional information.

    Application Requirements

    Application Deadline: 45 days prior to the VSR start date.

    • Completed SeviceNow online form. (This must be submitted by the Stanford department.)

    • Approval from Stanford school dean's office should accompany the application.

    • Required Application Supporting Documents: Please upload the following documents to the ServiceNow form.

      • Copy of letter of invitation to VSR signed by the host Stanford faculty member, co-signature of department chair, and Visiting Student Researcher invitee. Letter to include exact dates of start and finish, monthly VSR fee, Cardinal Care Health Insurance, and Health Services fees. See sample letter of invitation.

      • Copy of most recent school transcript.

      • Copy of undergraduate transcript with degree conferral or copy of degree certification or diploma.

      • Non-US citizen/US Permanent ResidentsVSR's copy of passport bio-demo page for themselves and accompanying dependents.

    Please be sure to include the VSR’s full name and emplid number (SU ID number) on all correspondence about the VSR's appointment, cancellation, changes of start and end dates, extensions, etc. This includes adding the name of the VSR in the file name attachments with the application.

    Incomplete applications are not considered.