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Fees for Visiting Student Researchers

Monthly Visiting Researcher Fee:

Visiting Student Researcher's monthly fee is $1,177 for the 2021-22 academic year.  This fee is posted to the bill on or shortly after the 15th of the month (for the current month). This fee is not pro-rated. 

The appointed visiting student researcher is responsible for payment of the Stanford University bill.

See the Tuition and Fee Schedule for for a complete list of applicable fees and tuition.

Campus Health Service Fee:

The Campus Health Service fee is a mandatory fee that is assessed quarterly.

Health Insurance Fee:

All Visiting Student Researchers are required to carry either individual health insurance or Stanford's Cardinal Care.

  • VSRs who begins their stay within the first 60 percent* (roughly seven weeks) of a given quarter will be automatically enrolled in Cardinal Care retroactive to the start of the applicable quarter, and the corresponding quarterly charge will appear on their bill. If the VSRs have their own insurance, they must submit the International Student Insurance Coverage Certification form (pdf) no later than the 15th of the arrival month to arrange to be waived out of the plan or a fee may be imposed.

  • VSRs who begins their stay after 60 percent* of the quarter has passed will not be automatically enrolled in Cardinal Care. Late arrival VSRs must contact Vaden’s Insurance Office to arrange for coverage for the remainder of the quarter or to show proof of existing coverage.

    The late arrival VSR will be automatically enrolled in Cardinal Care at the start of the following quarter. For example, VSRs who begin an appointment on December 1 will not be enrolled in Cardinal Care for Autumn Quarter and must contact Vaden’s Insurance Office to arrange for coverage or to show proof of existing coverage. This VSR will be auto-enrolled in Cardinal Care beginning with Winter Quarter (January 1) and may either elect to remain enrolled or to contact Vaden to arrange a waiver (i.e., if alternative coverage is applicable). Host departments should email Vaden’s Insurance Office by submitting a SU Services & Support Request  (select "Other Services and Support") about late arrival VSRs to minimize risk associated with inadequate or non-existent health insurance coverage.   

*The 60% date of each quarter is noted in the Academic Calendar under the title Term Withdrawal deadline.

  • Early Termination of VSR appointment and Health Insurance: If a VSR is enrolled in Cardinal Care and their appointment terminates prior to the end of Autumn or Winter Quarter, they may request early cancellation of Cardinal Care for the next quarter(s).The VSR should submit a Help Ticket to the Health Insurance and Referral Office at (first category Student Services; second category Health Insurance).  They should list their appointment termination date and the Help Ticket should be submitted prior to the end of their appointment as the cancellation needs to be processed prior to the start of the next quarter.  Early Cancellation requests received after the start of the next quarter will not be processed.  Help Ticket requests for early cancellation should come from the VSR, and not the host department administrator.