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International Students as Visiting Student Researchers

Department administrators who invite International students as visiting student researchers should consult the J visa page of the Bechtel International Center for information concerning visa regulations. This page also has a link to the Funding Attestation form. In addition to the Visiting Student Researcher Request Application form, international visiting student researchers must include a legible copy of the biographic page(s) of the passport. Dependents accompanying a visiting student researcher must provide a legible copy of their biographic page(s) of the passport and supporting biographical information. The department will need to include a separate Biographic Information sheet for dependents which includes:

  • Last name or Surname, First Name, Middle name

  • Date of Birth, City of Birth, Country of Birth

  • Relationship to visiting student researcher (Husband, Wife, Son, or Daughter)

  • Country of Citizenship

  • Country of Permanent Residence

After Graduate Admissions has approved the visiting student researcher and an EMPLID has been assigned (or an extension of the Visiting Researcher’s stay has been granted), an email is sent to the department administrator who should then proceed to the SEVIS Visa Certification Request Application Form on Axess. For more information, see the Bechtel International Center web site.