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Responsibilities of the Host Department

It is the responsibility of the host department to gather the necessary materials for submission and review, as instructed on the Visiting Student Researcher Application Request form. Upon verification of the documentation and approval, Graduate Admissions activates the student’s record in PeopleSoft SA and provides the Empl ID # to the department. VSR's may create a SUNet ID on the first day their appointment is effective.

If your department wants the visitor to have a SUNet ID earlier, you may sponsor one using the ID number that is included in the appointment letter. The SUNet ID should not be sponsored prior to receiving the EmplID. The department pays a monthly fee for this service until the appointment effective date. For information on sponsoring a SUNet ID, please check the University IT How to Sponsor a Person web page.

Any questions the applicant may have should be researched by the administrator and communicated to the applicant. After the visiting student researcher is approved and arrives on campus, it is the department's responsibility, as the host, to assist with any ID card complications, housing issues, etc. If the visiting student researcher's costs (including monthly VSR fee, health insurance, campus health service fee, and/or stipend) are to be covered with University funds, the administrator should be certain that they are allowable charges.

It is the responsibility of the host department to notify Graduate Admissions in a timely manner if the the VSR does not attend or leaves prior to the end date.