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Visiting Student Researcher Rights and Responsibilities


Visiting Student Researchers are not permitted to enroll in or audit any courses.


Students in this status are eligible for graduate on-campus housing, on a space-available basis. The housing application opens for Visiting Student Researchers the day their appointment starts (VSRs cannot apply for housing in advance).   

Stanford University Rules and Regulations

Visiting Student Researchers are subject to the rules and regulations of Stanford University:

  • Intellectual property: Visiting Student Researchers are required to sign an SU-18 Stanford Patent and Copyright Agreement

  • The Honor Code and Fundamental StandardVisiting Student Researchers who commit violations of these behavioral standards are subject to termination of their Stanford appointment

  • Required safety training: the faculty member who invited the Visiting Student Researcher is responsible to assure that they receive any required training in order to be able to carry out their research at Stanford, including appropriate health and safety training, instruction in the protection of human subjects, or any other instruction required by the work that the student will do here