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Advanced Placement

Important Changes in How to Upload Your AP Scores

The College Board recently announced security-related changes for Advanced Placement (AP) for 2018-19. Because The College Board no longer includes your social security number (SSN) when it transmits your AP scores, we need to have accurate identifying information to ensure that we receive and correctly upload your scores. Specifically, the name, address, and date of birth that you provide to the College Board must match exactly the personal data you supplied to Stanford.

What does this mean for you? If you have already submitted your scores to Stanford and if the data on record with The College Board matches what is on record with Stanford, no changes are required and resubmission of your scores is not necessary. However, if the College Board data does not match what is on record with Stanford, then you need to update the College Board record to match the data you submitted to Stanford and then resubmit your scores. If you have not yet submitted your AP scores, you must still ensure that your personal data is the same on both your College Board record and Axess, Stanford’s student information system.

How to Check and/or Change Your Personal Data
We have complete instructions available on a downloadable pdf document (which is identical to the flyer in the New Student Orientation packet mailed to you.)

Upcoming Advanced Placement Batch Running Dates for Academic Year 2018-19

Stanford runs an electronic retrieval process each month for Advance Placement. This process helps find a match to any Stanford student who has submited their electronic score report to the university. This process is ran throughout the year, the following is the upcoming data retreival dates that are reviewed by the University Registrar's Office. 

Tuesday April 9th, 2019

Tuesday May 7th, 2019

Tuesday May 28th, 2019
Tuesday June 11th, 2019 


A maximum of 45 quarter units of Advanced Placement (AP), transfer credit, and/or other external credit (such as International Baccalaureate) may be applied toward the undergraduate degree. Note the following points regarding College Board AP credit:

  • Scores of 4 or 5 in a foreign language AP exam satisfy the Foreign Language requirement

  • AP examinations do not satisfy the General Education Requirements, with the exception of the University Foreign Language requirement.

  • AP credit may be removed from your record if subsequent Stanford course work duplicates AP credit course content.

  • Students may not receive duplicate unit credit for AP and IB exams in the same discipline. AP credit will be removed from the student's record if duplicate credit is earned through the IB exam in the same discipline.

  • AP credit may be applied as elective units toward graduation and toward the major if allowed by the major department.

  • Up to 10 units of credit per discipline is allowed for some of the AP exams

  • Transfer students who have not met the 90 unit maximum with incoming transfer credit may request additional units in external test credit (ex: Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, etc.) by submitting their scores directly to Stanford.

To request AP credit at Stanford, contact the College Board to request that your scores are sent to Stanford. The eligible AP credit is updated to your student record through an electronic process. For incoming freshman, AP credit is posted to your student record in mid to late September as long as a match is found and your scores were submited prior to August. We continue to review AP exams for all students throughout the year on a monthly basis. If your AP credit does not appear within a month from submission please submit a Help Ticket to the Student Services Center, your ticket will be routed to the Registrar's Office. Please remember to review our AP charts that are assosictaed with your matriculation year; credit may not be applied if not elgible for credit.