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Dean's Certification Forms Instructions and Information

COVID-19 Notice: In accordance with the guidelines from Stanford, Santa Clara County, and the CDC due to COVID-19, the staff facilitating the completion of certifications are currently operating virtually. Please email your Dean's certification requests directly to the Office of Community Standards at Requests submitted by mail or fax may not be received promptly causing the completion of certifications to be significantly delayed. For questions about enrollment, degree, and H1-B certifications, please file a Service Request to the Student Services Center.

The certification process for law schools, FIPC, State Boards of Law Examiners, medical/veterinary school, etc., is a two-step process at Stanford.

Step 1: The Dean of Students has designated the Office of Community Standards to handle the first step, i.e., to respond to questions about disciplinary records; see contact information following below.

Step 2: The Office of the University Registrar does not answer questions related to academic standing. The Student Services Center has been designated (by the Registrar's Office) to provide an official student enrollment certification and cover letter explaining this policy. These two above mentioned documents will be included and sent with each dean certification form. Should there be noticeable gaps in enrollment on the student's enrollment certification the institution will be asked to follow up directly with the student for a further explanation.

  • Certification processing may require up to 10 business days.

  • Each certification form should be accompanied by a stamped, pre-addressed envelope to each individual entity.

  • After processing, the forms are mailed directly to the entity – NOT to students.

  • Please include your Stanford ID number, a phone number and/or an email address where you can be reached, if necessary.

  • For faster delivery by the U.S. Postal Service, the recipient entity’s address should be typed rather than handwritten, and should include the 9-digit ZIP code

  • You should submit your forms to the Office of Community Standards at least one month before recipient entity’s deadline. Please remember that the University is closed the last two weeks of December.

  • We will accept forms submitted after that time, and will do our best to process them in a timely manner, but we cannot assure you that we can meet the requisite deadlines of the entities to which you are applying. Priority will be given to those students who timely submit, and in the order received.

Certification forms should be sent or delivered to: