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Checklist for Submission of eDissertation

Checklist for Submission of eDissertation

The following checklist includes all items that should be prepared in order to complete the submission of your dissertation. 

We recommend that you take all necessary steps in order to upload your dissertation or thesis in time to meet all of the applicable posted deadlines, and give your Final Reader plenty of time to approve the dissertation once it has been uploaded.

Prior to Online Submission

_____ “Application to Graduate” filed online through Axess by the appropriate deadline, as well as enrolled in the quarter for which you intend to submit.

_____ Submit dissertation reading committee signature requirement online, using the updated instructions on the main dissertation page.  

_____ Confirm the names of all reading committee members in Axess, and designate a Final Reader  (Note:  If a committee member is missing, or has been assigned an incorrect role, you will need to meet with your department who maintains reading committees and changes permitted within policy).

_____ Confirm candidacy as valid through your degree conferral date

_____ Confirm completion of all required University Milestones

_____ Review “Copyright Considerations for Authors of Electronic Theses and Dissertations” slides available on Stanford Libraries' web site

_____ Discuss embargo and other release options with co-authors and adviser before preparing the submission online

During Online Submission

_____ One electronic copy of the dissertation in PDF format

_____ Page size is standard US letter size (8.5" x 11"); for DMA Composition students, scores page size is 11" x 17"

_____ Type size 10, 11, or 12 point (except smaller fonts for tables, captions, etc.). Font is New Times Roman; if applicable, mathematic/scientific notation fonts are embedded in the PDF file.

_____ Line spacing of dissertation text is 1.5 or 2

_____ Margins are 1.5 inches on binding edge and one inch on all other sides

_____ Words and text are divided correctly

_____ Title page is formatted correctly

_____ No signature page or copyright page is included

_____ Pagination begins with the first page of the Abstract (page “iv” or if formatted for double-sided printing with the Abstract to appear on the right page, then pagination begins with a blank page as page "iv"). Pagination is continuous and placement of numbers is consistent throughout the manuscript.

_____ Dissertation contains no multimedia or large images embedded into the PDF file

_____ The dissertation is ready-for-publication in appearance. All pages and sections are in order

_____ The file contains no blank or missing pages. When the PDF is displayed onscreen and when it is printed in hard copy, the dissertation meets the specifications outlined in this guide.

_____ PDF file size does not exceed 1 GB

_____ PDF file has no encryption or other security measures applied

_____ One version of the abstract, containing no special text formatting or HTML, entered into online submission form

_____ Optional: Supplemental file(s). File size(s) do not exceed 1 GB. Short description or label is applied to each file after upload. Maximum 20 supplemental files.

_____ Optional: Limit amount of dissertation content available via third-party distributors

_____ Agree to Stanford University publication license

_____ Optional: Creative Commons license selected and applied

_____ Optional: Delayed released (embargo) of the dissertation

_____ Written permission from the appropriate copyright holder(s) to reproduce any copyrighted material in the dissertation. Each letter is formatted and uploaded as a single PDF file. Maximum 10 permission files.

After Online Submission

_____ Confirm via Axess that your designated Final Reader has electronically-approved the “Certificate of Final Reading of Dissertation”

_____ Complete the Survey of Earned Doctorates