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Important Information Regarding COVID-19

See the Registrar's COVID-19 and Academic Continuity page for information for students, faculty, and staff relevant to classes and academic activities and administration. (updated August 21, 2020)

Checklist for Submission of Paper Engineer Thesis

Print-friendly Checklist for Submission of Engineer Thesis

Review and complete all the checklist items before coming into the office for final submission of your thesis.

  1. _____ Three unbound copies of thesis on acid-free paper with original signature pages inserted.

  2.  _____ “Application to Graduate” filed online through Axess by the appropriate deadline.
    _____ A signed “Certificate of Final Reading of Thesis.” (Printable sample available.)
    _____ Two additional copies of the thesis title page (plain paper).
    _____ Written approval for any copyrighted material that appears in the thesis.
    _____ Discuss the embargo and other release options with any co-authors and your advisor in advance of preparing the submission

  3. _____ Receipt from Student Financial Services for payment of the following fees:
    _____ $126.00 for the three University copies of the thesis.
    _____ Additional fees (if any) for maps, mounted photo pages, CD pockets, etc.

  4. Final Format Check

    _____ Title page formatted correctly.
    _____ Abstract in the thesis is formatted consistently with the rest of the manuscript.
    _____ Margins: 1.5 inches on binding edge and one inch on all other sides. After printing, measure margins for accuracy. Double-sided copies: margins must be re-aligned on binding edge.
    _____ Type size 10 point or larger; characters are crisp and easily read.
    _____ Body of thesis printed in 1.5 or double spacing.
    _____ Pagination is continuous and placement of numbers is consistent throughout the manuscript. 
    _____ Words and text are divided correctly.
    _____ The thesis is ready-for-publication in appearance. Final copies are cleanly reproduced and all pages are in order.

  5. Appointments: For appointment scheduling, go in person to the Student Services Center at Tresidder Memorial Union, 2nd floor, file a HelpSU ticket (Request Category = Student Services, Request Type = Student Services Center), or call the dissertation appointment phone at (650) 721-1569. Include the following information: desired day for appointment, full name, phone number, and student ID.

Note: the Student Services Center schedules all dissertation related appointments but both format and submission appointments actually take place at the Office of the University Registrar, 482 Galvez Mall, Suite 120.

_____ Final Format Check: We recommend that you make an appointment as early as feasible to meet with the Office of the University Registrar to have your thesis reviewed before you create all of the final copies. Note: format checks will not be done in the final week of the submission deadline.

_____ Final Submission: We recommend that you make an appointment as early as feasible to submit your thesis and meet the applicable posted deadlines. Stanford does not allow remote format checks or submissions.