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Ways of Thinking/Ways of Doing (WAYS)

These courses provide students with educational breadth by giving instruction in essential skills and capacities in the areas of:

Students are required to take eleven certified WAYS courses, with two courses in WAY-AII, WAY-SI, and WAY-SMA, and one course in each of the remaining five WAYS.

Although courses may be certified to fulfill two WAYS, you may only count a course toward one WAY in your program of study. Thinking Matters courses typically satisfy a WAY. Courses may also count both for major and General Education requirements.

Additional information on the WAYS requirements is available on the Stanford Undergrad site and on this page with descriptions of each of the Ways.

Information regarding courses that have been certified to fulfill the General Education Requirements, and regarding a student's status in meeting these requirements, is available at the Office of the University Registrar. Course planning and advising questions related to the General Education Requirements should be directed to Undergraduate Advising and Research.

It is the responsibility of each student to ensure that he or she has fulfilled the requirements by checking in Axess. This should be done at least two quarters before graduation.

Students should be very careful to note which set of General Education Requirements apply to them. The date of matriculation at Stanford determines which requirements apply to an individual student.