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Undergraduate Graduation Checklist

Enroll in Classes

Students are required to have an active registration status by the Preliminary Study List deadline in the quarter in which they are conferring a degree. Students must either enroll in a full-time course load or apply for a special registration status (Permit for Services Only (PSO), Graduation Quarter, 13th Quarter, or Last Units out of Residence) by the preliminary study list deadline. For more information on special registration statuses, see the Special Registration Statuses for Undergraduates section of this web site.

Check Degree Plan

Prior to submitting an application to graduate, students should review their degree plan (majors, minors, secondary majors, interdisciplinary honors, department honors) and degree type (BA, BS, BAS, BAH, BSH, BASH) to ensure their record is correct. All changes to the major, minor, and department honors can be made in Axess (please see the Declaring Undergraduate Majors, Honors, and Minors page for more information). 

Apply to Graduate

After confirming your degree plan(s) and type(s) are correct, you can apply to graduate in Axess. Please visit the Applying to Graduate webpage for detailed instructions on how to submit your application to graduate and important deadlines related to the application to graduate. Students who apply to graduate by the application deadline (see the Academic Calendar) may do so without being assessed a fee. After that deadline, students may still apply to graduate via Axess, but will be charged a $50 fee. No applications to graduate are accepted after the late application to graduate deadline. Additionally, if an application to graduate is submitted and then later withdrawn, students will be unable to re-apply to graduate for the same quarter they withdrew their application to graduate.

Students who are pursuing a B.A. and B.S. at Stanford are required to confer both (i.e., students cannot only confer one of the degrees and continue in the other). 

Complete Senior Survey

The Senior Survey is part of the application to graduate process, and is required for the undergraduate degree application to graduate.

Check Completion of General Education Requirements and units toward graduation

Ensure that you will complete the University general education requirements for the undergraduate degree by the end of your graduating quarter. Please refer to the Stanford Bulletin for a detailed list of undergraduate degree requirements. Any issues/discrepancies should be resolved by the Application to Graduate deadline for the quarter. The basic requirements for undergraduate degrees are:

  • completion of the minimum required number of units for the degree. Students should refer to the Undergraduate Degrees and Programs section of the Stanford Bulletin for more information about what their unit requirements are for their degree(s). Run your Undergraduate Degree Progress report in Axess to view these University Requirements. Verify progress towards University degree requirements with a UAR advisor.

  • Monitor activity units, repeated courses, and credit/no credit courses.

  • completion of the General Education or Ways requirements. Please visit the Check Your Ways website for detailed instructions on how to review your record for Ways completion.

  • completion of the writing requirement

  • completion of the language requirement

If conferring with a minor, multiple-major, or dual degree:

Submit a Major-Minor and Multiple Major Course Approval (electronic) form. If you have a dual degree, multiple major, or a minor and do not submit this form, you will be denied graduation. This form verifies that you did not overlap ("double count") courses for completing major(s) and minor(s) requirements. The final deadline to submit the form is the Final Study List deadline of your terminal quarter. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for quarterly deadlines.

If requesting credit for any external test (e.g., AP, IB, GCE) or transfer credit:

If requesting transfer credit, submit the Transfer Credit Evaluation Request form. Requests for AP credit can be submitted via Help Ticket to the Student Services Center. Please visit the Transfer Credit and Advanced Placement page for more information about test and transfer credit policies and procedures. Students should have all requests for credit submitted by the Final Study List deadline of their graduating quarter.

Check Department/School Requirements

Ensure that you will complete the requirements for your degree plan (including those required for your major and/or minor) by the end of your terminal quarter. Check with the student services administrator in your department(s) or school(s) to make sure you are on track to graduate. Check your requirements with your department by the Application to Graduate deadline.

Complete Milestones

Confirm with your department if any non-course requirements (i.e. milestones) need to be completed for your declared programs. Declared programs include major, minor, and honor’s plans. Required milestones may include: submitting an honor’s thesis, completing a capstone project, fulfilling a language requirement or participating in an internship, etc. These milestones should be completed no later than the last day of classes of your conferral quarter, but you should check with your department(s) to confirm the specific deadline as your department(s) may have an earlier deadline. For general questions about student milestones, please visit: Milestone FAQs

Monitor "To Do" Items

Regularly check the status of your "To Do" items. "To Do" items will be placed in Axess each quarter for students who have applied to graduate but have outstanding items that may prevent a student from successfully conferring their degree. The "To Do" items will remain in Axess until the requirement(s) is complete. 

Cardinal Care Early Cancellation

If you plan to graduate at the end of Autumn or Winter Quarter, you may be eligible for early cancellation of Cardinal Care. Students wanting to cancel Cardinal Care can submit the Petition for Early Cancellation due to Degree Conferral by the deadline of December 15th (if conferring in Autumn Quarter) or April 15th (if conferring in Winter Quarter).  Once your application to graduate has been approved by the Registrar's Office, the Petition for Early Cancellation will be approved and processed, and the Autumn or Winter Quarter Cardinal Care health insurance charge will be waived from your account.  Your Cardinal Care enrollment will terminate on December 31st (if conferring in Autumn Quarter) or April 30th (if conferring in Winter Quarter).  For more information, please visit the Cardinal Care website.

Resolve missing grades from prior quarters

Students should work with faculty and department administrators to resolve any outstanding grades from prior quarters as soon as possible. 

Coterm Students

Coterm students should refer to the Coterm Student Graduation Checklist page for more information about conferring the undergraduate degree (or simultaneously conferring the undergraduate and graduate degrees).

Clear/Avoid Holds on Diploma

Student accounts should be fully paid to avoid any financial holds that may prevent the release of the diploma.  Please contact the Student Services Center as soon as possible to clear any holds.

Diploma Distribution

When you apply to graduate on Axess, you will be asked if you would like to attend the Commencement ceremonies. All diplomas are mailed by Regular 1st Class Mail through the United States Postal Service (USPS). The only diploma distribution option available in the Application to Graduate is the Mail. Diploma covers will distributed at the Commencement ceremonies. To see diploma distribution dates or to see the expedited shipping options that are available at a cost visit Obtaining Your Diploma.

Withdrawing an Application to Graduate

If you will be unable to successfully complete all requirements for your degree(s), or if you need to postpone your degree conferral, please withdraw your application to graduate in Axess (a withdrawal link is listed on your actual application to graduate). Students may withdraw their application up until the Late Application to Graduate deadline. More information about withdrawing the application to graduate can be found on the Applying to Graduate page.

Applying to Graduate Late

Students may submit their application to graduate after the application to graduate deadline, and up until the late application to graduate, in Axess. A $50 late fee is assessed for any applications submitted during this time. 

Student Loans

Degree candidates with student loans through Stanford must complete an online exit interview arranged by Student Financial Services. You should receive information about the interview process prior to commencement. If you have a Stanford loan and do not receive that communication by mid-May, please contact the Student Services Center.

Update contact information

  • Forward Stanford email at StanfordYou. Stanford email is discontinued 120 days after graduation. 

  • Update email and mailing addresses in Axess. 

  • Update Direct Deposit information in ePay.