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Degree Certification Letter for H1B: Information and Procedures

Eligibility Criteria to Issue a Degree Certification Letter for H-1B

  • Apply to graduate in a Winter term in Axess
  • Complete University degree requirements
  • Confirm that departmental/school degree requirements have been completed via Service Now support request ticket (department submits this ticket)


As the H-1B application deadline is April 1st and Winter degree conferral does not occur until after this date (or just before), the Office of the University Registrar provides a degree certification letter for eligible students graduating Winter term who are applying for the H-1B visa and have completed all school/department and University degree requirements.

The Office of the University Registrar is responsible for determining degree candidates to be recommended to the Academic Senate for degree conferral. Departments, chairs, and schools do not have authority to confirm completion of both University and department/school requirements and thus should not provide certification letters confirming completion of all degree requirements.

Students conferring degrees in all terms except Winter term should request an official transcript in their student Axess account after the degree conferral date of their graduation term. The official transcript indicates the results of all work completed and degrees awarded. See Certifications and Verifications for details on requesting degree verification.

Bechtel International Center organizes H-1B workshops which students are encouraged to attend if they have any questions regarding H-1B issues. If students are interested in learning about Optional Practical Training (OPT), they should attend a mandatory practical training workshop. Information regarding Optional Practical Training (OPT) can also be found at Bechtel International Center web site.

The Degree Certification Letter for H-1B states the following:

  • School and University requirements are complete
  • Degree to be awarded
  • Anticipated conferral date upon approval of Academic Senate of Winter degree candidates

The contents of the Degree Certification Letter for H-1B is fixed and will not be amended in any way. 

Enrollment Verifications will not be included with the Degree Certification Letter for H-1B. Students who wish to obtain an enrollment verification should submit a request via their student Axess account. The Enrollment Certification states a student’s enrollment history, current program of study, major, expected degree, and expected degree conferral date. This document bears the University seal and signature of the University Registrar.


Step 1: To initiate the request for a Degree Certification Letter for H-1B, submit a support request ticket that includes the following:

  • Name & student ID number
  • Name of degree(s) conferring in the Winter Quarter
  • Department
  • Delivery Method (student pick up at SSC or certified electronic PDF)

Step 2: If course work in progress is required for graduation: work with instructors to ensure that grades are submitted by grade submission deadline; see the Stanford academic calendar for these dates.  

Step 3: Contact the student services administrator in your department who is responsible for the quarterly graduation recommending list to ensure that all department requirements have been satisfied. Request that your student services administrator submit a support request to verify that department/school requirements are complete. If you have more than one major, minor programs, or more than one degree being conferred, each department/program should submit a separate help ticket confirming that degree requirements have been satisfied.

Note: Undergraduates in the School of Engineering should contact Engineering’s Office of Student Affairs.

Step 4: The student services administrator will receive email confirmation after submission of the help ticket. Request that they forward a copy of this email to you for your records.

Degree Certification Letters for H-1B will not be issued until all grades have been submitted for course work and the Registrar’s Office and the school/department have recommended student for graduation.

Processing Time:

The Office of the University Registrar cannot guarantee that the Degree Certification Letter for H-1B will be ready by a certain date; however requests should be processed by the April 1 application deadline. Requests are processed in the order in which they are received and are contingent upon the subsequent Support Request from the department/school confirming that degree requirements have been met.

Students are encouraged to initiate requests as early as possible to allow time for department/school and University to evaluate for degree clearance. 

Letter will be issued no sooner than the grading deadline of the Winter Quarter. Please check the Academic Calendar for relevant dates.