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Obtaining Your Diploma

Degrees are conferred each quarter but diplomas are awarded once a year at departmental Commencement ceremonies held following the University Commencement ceremony in the Stanford Stadium. See below for pick-up options on Commencement Sunday.

Diplomas are available for pick-up or mailing on the diploma distribution dates listed below.

Undergraduate Degrees

If you choose to "Attend" your department ceremony as your diploma distribution option, then diplomas for undergraduate degrees are distributed to departments once a year at the June Commencement ceremony regardless of which quarter the degree was conferred.

If you choose "Pick-up" or "Mail" as your diploma distribution option, then those diplomas are available for pick-up or mailing on the diploma distribution date listed below. Please note that UG distinction is only calculated once a year during the Spring Quarter. If you have received your diploma before Spring Commencement via mail or pick-up, and have since been granted distinction, then you will have to return your original diploma to the Student Services Center to be reprinted free of charge.

Graduate Degrees

Diplomas for graduate degrees are available for pick-up or mailing on the diploma distribution date listed below.

Diploma Distribution Dates

Quarter of Conferral Paper Diploma
Distribution Dates
Electronic Diploma
Distribution Dates
Autumn, 2019-20 April 6, 2020 February 24, 2020
Winter, 2019-20 June 14, 2020 - Commencement May 26, 2020
Spring, 2019-20 June 14, 2020 - Commencement July 20, 2020
Summer, 2018-19 December 3, 2019 November 1, 2019

*This date is for the recently passed Summer Quarter 2019. The dates for Summer Quarter 2020 will be entered early in Winter Quarter.

Commencement Day

Students picking up their diplomas on Commencement Sunday may do so at the Student Services Center, Tressider Union, second floor, between the hours of 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Distribution Options:

When you use Axess to apply to graduate, you are asked how you wish to receive your diploma:

  • Ceremony: at the June departmental or school commencement ceremony
  • Pick-up: Students/Alumni who select this option, can pick up their diploma(s) at the Student Services Center on the distribution dates listed above.
  • Mail: by mail. 

Designate someone to pick up:

If you select the pick-up option, you may designate someone in advance to pick up your diploma for you.

Multiple diplomas:

Since all departmental ceremonies are held concurrently, if you are a multiple major or will receive multiple degrees in different departments (e.g., coterminal or dual degree student), you must indicate which ceremony you plan to attend. You can pick up the other diploma at the Student Services Center on Commencement Sunday (1:00pm-4:00pm), or elect to have the diploma mailed.  

Changes to distribution options:

You can change your distribution choice, via Axess, up until two weeks before degree conferral. After this deadline has past, you must complete a Service Request to change your distribution option.   The last date that you can submit the Service Request form in Spring quarter is the late application to graduate date.  

Late Application to Graduate:

If you have submitted the paper form for a late application to graduate you must also submit a Service Request to designate how you would like to pickup your diploma.