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Online Course Evaluations

The Office of the University Registrar and Learning Technology and Spaces (LTS) manage the course evaluation process through the University's Online Course Evaluation system on behalf of the deans of the School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences, the Graduate School of Education, the School of Engineering, the School of Humanities and Sciences, and the School of Medicine, as well as the office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education.

For complete information on the course evaluation system, see the Teaching Evaluation & Student Feedback website.

Key Dates for Online Course Evaluations, 2020-21

For the full Online Course Evaluation calendar, please see: Key Dates for End of Term Feedback (via Evaluation & Research)

Frequently Asked Questions for Students, Faculty, and Staff

What courses are evaluated?

A minimum of three students must be enrolled for a course to be evaluated. In addition, scheduled discussion sections are evaluated based on the enrollment of its corresponding lecture. Athletics courses are also evaluated. Certain GSB and School of Medicine lecture series courses, as well as independent study, activity, internship and thesis/dissertation courses are not evaluated.

How is anonymity maintained?

Stanford is very concerned about the confidentiality of its evaluations. Because of this, we have chosen an outside vendor to manage and store the data. A student logs on to Axess to get to the online evaluation process, but is redirected to this third-party vendor's server to complete the form. Stanford does not have access to the student's identifying data.

How does the grade release program work?

The grade release program is used as an incentive for students who complete all their evaluations to see an early view of their grades. All students are able to see their grades two days after the evaluation is closed.

How long after I submit my evaluations will my grades be made available?

Grades are released each morning for the evaluations completed the day before. If you require your transcript or grades before the following morning, reach out to the Student Services Center. If the grades have been submitted before the grades deadline during each quarter, the SSC can help

Why does my course show up two times?

If you are enrolled in a GSB crosslisted course, you must fill out two evaluations: one is the Stanford University evaluation and the other is the GSB evaluation. Courses crosslisted with the GSB are evaluated using two different sets of questions. Note: not all crosslisted courses have two evaluations to complete, just those crosslisted with GSB.

What can I do if my Instructor/TA is not listed as one of my discussion sections?

Your Instructor or TA was not correctly set up for section evaluations. You may submit a blank evaluation by starting an evaluation and clicking the 'Decline' button on the first page of the evaluation form.

What can I do if I missed the course evaluation deadline?

Evaluations cannot be completed after the deadline.

How can I see my grades if do not want to evaluate classes that are on my list?

You can decline to evaluate a course by starting an evaluation and clicking the 'Decline' button on the first page. If you are evaluating a GSB course, however, you are not able to waive (decline) the evaluation. With regards to grade release, declining to evaluate a course is equivalent to evaluating it. Your grades are released the morning after you have either evaluated or declined to evaluate each of your courses, provided that your instructor has submitted the grade.

Note that you are not required to evaluate all section instructors in your course:; only evaluate instructors with whom you have had significant interactions.

Why can't I waive (decline) a GSB evaluation form?

The GSB forms cannot be waived/declined. You must fill out the evaluation in order to see your grades early. If you do not fill out the evaluation, you will see your grades two weeks after the grading deadline.

I keep getting reminders to complete my evaluations; how can I make them stop?

You still have one or more evaluations to complete. The reminders will stop when you submit all evaluations.

My discussion section was optional; why am I being asked to evaluate it?

The TA/instructor responsible for your section would appreciate your feedback.

What courses are eligible for online course evaluations? Not all of my courses are appearing on my list.

Courses with at least three students enrolled, with the exception of some Activity, Independent Study, Internship, certain GSB lecture series courses, and Thesis/Dissertation courses, are evaluated.

How do I evaluate classes that are not on my list?

Only courses and sections on your list are eligible for evaluation.

Where can I get help if I can't log into the system?

Send email to for help.

Can I get to the online course evaluation system through CourseWork or Canvas?

No, CourseWork and Canvas are not linked to the evaluation system.

Can I modify an evaluation that I have already submitted?

Once you submit, you cannot go back and make changes.

Why are evaluations open only during dead week and finals week? Can the deadline be extended?

The decision about the timing of the open period for evaluations rests with the deans of the participating schools.

I am both a student and an instructor. How do I view the results from the course I taught?

Axess will default to the student page for you to complete evaluations. At the bottom of that page, there is a link to the report browser. Clicking on this link takes you to the instructor reports.

I have withdrawn from a course that still appears on my evaluation list. What should I do?

Depending on when you withdrew, you may still see a course listed. Just submit a blank evaluation for this course.

Why do you need my personal information at the start of the evaluation?

This information is used for statistical reporting only and it is not viewable by instructors or staff.

How can I view the quantitative results?

The student reports are available via Axess. On the 'Student' tab, click 'Course and Section Evaluations'. Then click the 'Course and Section Evaluations' button on the page that appears to take you to the evaluations page. To view previous course evaluations reports, click 'Reports' and select 'Reports Browser'.

GSB results can be viewed by GSB community members on the GSB Course Evaluation web site.

Why should I complete an online evaluation?

The feedback from your online evaluations can be used to inform faculty and other students about the effectiveness of a course, its instructor and its teaching assistants. Constructive suggestions that may help the faculty member to improve the lectures, readings, assignments and exams are particularly valuable. This important feedback is also used to make tenure and performance decisions by the University.