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Third Party Transcript Requests

Third parties can request transcripts credentials through Parchment. A signed permission release is required.

  1. Select Students, Parents and Third Parties

Third Party Parchment Landing Page


   2. Click the Get Started button under Place an Order


Third Party Parchment Step 2


   3. Use the Order on Behalf of Someone Else option. Click the Learn More button under Third Party Ordering .


Third Party Parchment Step 3


   4. Type in the search box Stanford University school name and click search.


Third Party Parchment Image 4


   5. Select I need to order someone else's credentials (Authorization is Required).


Third Party Parchment Image 5


   6. Enter all your information. All items marked with a red asterisk are required to submit this form.


Third Party Parchment Image 6


   Once your request is submitted it will be processed within 3-7 business days.