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International/Abroad Course Work

Students requesting transfer credit evaluation(s) of course work completed at an international institution after enrolling at Stanfordshould refer to the Bing Overseas Study Program Transfer Credit Request Page.

Students requesting transfer credit for courses taken outside of the United States prior to enrolling at Stanfordmust submit all of the below information along with the Transfer Credit Evaluation Request eForm in order for an evaluation to be completed and any eligible credit to be awarded. Please note that all documentation must be in the English language (or all documentation must have a certified English translation).

  • Course syllabi for all requested courses

  • Level of course work (transfer credit can only be awarded for courses that are equivalent to undergraduate level work)

  • The institution's grading scale / system. Note: if a course has a 'P' or 'Pass' grade listed, then the grading scale must explicitly state what the minimum grade is to earn a passing grade. Pass grades are accepted only for courses for which the standard of passing is 'C-' (or better) quality work

  • The minimum number of credits required to complete the undergraduate program at the institution (this must be from an official source, such as a course catalog) 

  • The Institution's credit system (quarter, ECTS, semester)

  • The Institution's accreditation (must be officially recognized)

Occasionally, this information (except for the course syllabi) is included with the official transcript. However, if it is not, students are strongly encouraged to purchase a third-party, course-by-course international transcript translation and evaluation service, as most of these services include all of the abovementioned information. Some examples of these services are:

See the Stanford Bulletin for the complete policy.