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Transfer Credit Procedures

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Overview • Deadline  Submitting Transcripts • Transfer Credit Request Procedures Requesting Pre-Approval Coursework Completed Prior to Enrolling at Stanford • Coursework Completed After Enrolling at Stanford  • Ways Requirement • Last Units Out of Residence • U.S. Military Training and Service Work  Status of Transfer Credit Requests • Incoming Freshman and Transfer Students


The Office of the University Registrar evaluates and records the amount of transfer and advanced placement (AP) credit on academic records. Refer to the chart below to determine the appropriate steps to initiate a request for transfer credit evaluation. 


All requests for transfer credit, as well as all official transcripts, should be submitted no later than the last day of classes of the quarter a student is conferring their undergraduate degree.

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Submitting Official Transcripts

All official transcripts should be submitted no later than the last day of classes in the quarter of degree conferral, otherwise students may jeopardize their ability to graduate on time.

Official transcripts can be submitted in either of the below methods:

  • E-transcripts - send to
  • Sealed paper transcripts - deliver via mail to the Student Services Center at 459 Lagunita Dr, Suite 7 Tresidder Memorial Union, 2nd Floor Stanford, CA 94305.

Official transcripts will only be accepted via direct submission from the external institution, no transcripts received directly from the students email will be accepted.

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Transfer Credit Request Procedures

Type of Student Transfer Credit Procedure
U.S. Transfer Credit
Request pre-approval or evaluation of work completed in the U.S. Complete and submit Transfer Credit Evaluation Request eForm.
Undergraduate: International
Transfer Credit
Request evaluation of non-Stanford study abroad credit completed after enrolling at Stanford Visit the Bing Overseas Studies Program website. Complete the Request for Non-Stanford Study Abroad Transfer Credit Evaluation form.
  Request evaluation of international transfer credit completed before enrolling at Stanford Complete and submit Transfer Credit Evaluation Request eForm.
Undergraduate Transfer Student Request evaluation of non-Stanford study abroad credit completed after enrolling at Stanford Visit the Bing Overseas Studies Program website. Complete and submit the Request for Non-Stanford Study Abroad Transfer Credit Evaluation form.
  Request evaluation of work completed before enrolling at Stanford No form required (transfer credit posted upon enrolling at Stanford).
  Request pre-approval or evaluation of work completed in U.S. after enrolling at Stanford Complete and submit Transfer Credit Evaluation Request eForm.
Last Units Out of Residence
Request final units (max 15 units) out of residence to complete degree requirements. Complete and submit Last Units Out of Residence eForm.

U.S. Military Training and Service Work

Request evaluation of work completed in the U.S. No form required. Complete and submit the required steps listed here.
Graduate Students Request evaluation of graduate transfer credit Complete and submit Application for Graduate Residency Credit eForm. See the Graduate Residency Credit Policy.

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Requesting Pre-Approval 

It is recommended that pre-approval be obtained for planned transfer credit in order to ensure that coursework completed will be transferrable. You may request transfer credit pre-approval for courses to be completed in the U.S. on the Transfer Credit Evaluation eForm. You may request pre-approval for non-Stanford study abroad through the Request for Non-Stanford Study Abroad Transfer Credit Evaluation form, found on the Bing Overseas Study Program's website. If you have already completed coursework at another institution and did not obtain pre-approval, you may still request transfer credit for work completed, however, there is no guarantee that transfer credit will be awarded.

If you have requested and obtained pre-approval, you only need to have your official final transcript from the institution attended sent to the University in order to complete the transfer credit process. You do not need to submit the transfer credit request form a second time.

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To Request Evaluation of Transfer Credit Completed prior to Enrolling at Stanford 

For students requesting transfer credit for coursework taken prior to enrolling at Stanford, students should submit a Transfer Credit Evaluation Request eForm and select the "prematriculation credit" option from the drop down menu in order for an assessment to be completed. Your request must include course descriptions and/or syllabi for classes you completed at the other institution. It must also indicate the equivalent Stanford course or courses. Please note that all documentation must be in the English language (or all documentation must have a certified English translation). Please refer to the Transfer Credit Policies page for additional information.

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To Request Ways Requirement Credit in Transfer

Any student requesting credit for fulfilling Ways of Thinking Ways of Doing (Ways) requirements must submit a complete syllabus with the Transfer Credit Evaluation Request form in order for the request to be evaluated. Please read these detailed instructions on how to apply and the deadlines for Ways Transfer Credit. Effective Autumn 2015, pre-approval is required for requests to fulfill Ways requirement credit in transfer. You must submit your Ways pre-approval request by the quarterly deadline for review.

Courses that have not been pre-approved prior to enrollment at the non-Stanford institution will not fulfill the Ways requirement.

  1. Students must complete the Transfer Credit Evaluation Request eForm, and select the "Ways" option from the Evaluation Request menu and then choose the applicable Way from the Ways Requirement dropdown menu.

  2. As part of the transfer request, the student must submit a full syllabus, in English, from the instructor and/or institution to demonstrate that the course fulfills the Ways criteria. In most cases, it should include a reading list, assignments, and grading structure. Partial or incomplete pre-approval requests will not be considered for review.

  3. Students may submit a maximum of five courses from non-Stanford institutions for Ways transfer credit review per quarter.

  4. A student may complete a maximum of five Ways courses in transfer during the student's undergraduate career.

  5. Once Ways transfer credit is posted to the student's record, it may not be changed.

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Requesting Last Units Out of Residence

Students may petition to complete their final 15 units out of residence to complete their degree requirements their terminal quarter. The final 15 units of transfer credit must meet the criteria in the Transfer Credit Policies section above. Students must submit the Last Units Out of Residence eForm to request the status and to request pre-approval of the transfer work. A registration status is required the term in which a degree is conferred. As noted on the request form, students must request the corresponding registration status of either Graduation quarter status or Permit for Services Only status. An application to graduate should also be submitted through Axess. See the Stanford Bulletin for the official policy.

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To Request Evaluation of U.S. Military Training and Service Work

For Academic Year 2020-21: credit earned in U.S. military training and service may be eligible for transfer to Stanford if the work was completed at an accredited U.S. college or University or if the work appears on an official Joint Services Transcript (JST) and meets all other conditions for transfer credit. Students may request evaluation of this work by completing the steps listed here.

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Status of Transfer Credit Requests

You will be contacted if any additional information is required during the transfer credit evaluation process. Please allow approximately 3 weeks time after receipt of transcripts for evaluation and posting of credit. Depending on the date of receipt, this process may not be completed prior to the course enrollment deadlines of your quarter of return. Therefore, you should not rely on this credit in determining your course schedule or unit load for your quarter of return.

Approved undergraduate transfer credit will appear on both your Stanford unofficial and official transcripts. The institution attended and units awarded will be noted on the transcript. Note that transfer credit may be removed from your record if subsequent Stanford course work duplicates transfer credit course content.

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Frosh and New Transfer Students

Incoming frosh are required to complete a Transfer Credit Evaluation Request eForm to request transfer credit. Stanford University does not automatically evaluate or grant transfer credit upon receiving an official transcript. Any approved transfer credit for new admits will be posted to their records on a rolling basis. Frosh are ineligible to earn Ways transfer credit for courses taken prior to matriculation. Frosh should review this letter prior to submission of the Transfer Credit Evaluation Request eForm.

Transfer admit students will have approved transcript posted to their records by the beginning of their first quarter at Stanford. Transfer admit students are not required to complete a Transfer Credit Evaluation eForm for work done prior to matriculation at Stanford.

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