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Special Tuition Rates for Graduate Students, 2017-18

Matriculated graduate students are expected to register at the full-tuition rate applicable to their degree program unless they are in the final stages of their degree programs and therefore in a special reduced tuition category. Eligible categories are listed below. See Special Registration Statuses for Graduate and Professional Students for eligibility.

Special conditions apply to students admitted as coterminal graduate students; for more information, see Procedures for Coterminal Students (pdf).

Students in the Stanford Law School, Graduate School of Business, or in the M.D. program in the School of Medicine should consult appropriate school officers about tuition reduction eligibility.

Reduced Tuition Schedule — Graduate & Professional Students, 2017-18

Reduced Tuition Type Effective Quarters Min Enroll Units Tuition
per Quarter
Engineering Tuition
per Quarter
Terminal Graduate Registration (TGR) Aut, Win, Spr, Sum 0-3 $3,186 $3,186
TGR Final Registration Aut, Win, Spr, Sum 0 $3,186 $3,186
Graduate Petition for Part-time Enrollment Aut, Win, Spr 3 $3,186 $3,393
    4 $4,248 $4,524
    5 $5,310 $5,655
    6 $6,372 $6,786
    7 $7,434 $7,917
Graduation Quarter Aut, Win, Spr, Sum 0 $150 $150