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Important Information Regarding COVID-19

For quickest response to an issue, please submit a ServiceNow Ticket to the Student Services Center. If you prefer to talk to an SSC Specialist, we offer advising sessions via Zoom by appointment. SSC specialists are also available for live chat from LiveChat Monday – Friday, 12:00 – 4:00 p.m. via the Service Now portal.

Latest information about the University's response to COVID-19 • Academic questions are extensively answered in the TeachAnywhere FAQ • Latest updates for: UndergraduatesGrad Students and Postdocs

See the Registrar's COVID-19 and Academic Continuity page for information for students, faculty, and staff relevant to classes and academic activities and administration. (updated May 21, 2020)


Updating and Changing Grades

Once a grade roster has been submitted to the Registrar’s office and grades have been posted to students' transcripts, temporary grades ('I', 'L', or 'GNR') may be updated to permanent grades using the Request Grade Change feature in Axess.

screenshot for updating and changing grades

The feature may also be used to correct permanent grades submitted earlier. A permanent grade may be changed only under the following conditions:

  • Computational Error
  • Exam Overlooked
  • Transcription Error
  • Work Overlooked
  • Administrative Review (e.g., Honor Code Violoation)

Note: The Request Grade Change feature in Axess is only available for one year after the term in which the class was taught. After one year, you must file a grade change form at the University Registrar's Office.

Due to School of Law grading policies the Request Grade Change function is not available for Law School courses. Please contact the Law School Registrar's Office for assistance.

Step 1: Open a roster and click Request Grade Change

Open a grade roster, then click on the Request Grade Change button on the bottom of the roster, just above the blue bar (see illustration above). You will see a view similar to this:

screenshot for updating grades

Step 2: Update/change grade

Choose a new grade from the drop-down list next to the student's name. You may change one or more students' grades at one time.

If you are changing a permanent grade, a drop-down list will appear in the Reason column. Select a reason for each change.

If you are updating a temporary grade ('I', 'L', or 'GNR'), the list of reasons will not appear as you do not need to give a reason.

Step 3: Submit changes

Click the Submit button to send your changes to the University Registrar's Office. If you change your mind before submitting, click on the Return to Grade Roster link to exit the page and cancel the transaction.